Let social media work to make your business a success!

Customer appreciation: How to communicate with customers.                                                                                                                                                                     SOCIAL MEDIA


As technology advances, there are many ways to communicate with customers is through social media. Most social media sites are free and easy to navigate. Almost everyone has at least one account with a social media site already and it will be very easy to communicate. By responding to any post, questions whether on page or inbox, and answering as quick and accurate as possible; it lets the customer feel they are appreciated and that are care. Communicating via social media can bring a huge success to your company, besides not having to pay for services, you can get important feedback that you can use to ask questions, have ideas for subjects of post, and to change any concerns your company may have.

Twitter is a popular social media site that millions have an account with. Twitter could work in the favor of businesses that are concerned about how their customers are feeling and any suggestions they may have to better the company. Someone could write a tweet to a company by hash-tag, direct messaging, or just posting on their page. To make sure the communication is private companies could respond by direct messaging the individual or group to solve any problems and making sure customers’ needs are met. Twitter can also entice others to buy from your company as well by users using hash tags in reference to your company, bragging and giving great feedback, which is free word of mouth advertising.

Facebook is another common social media site were one can direct complain or complement to a company on their inbox. Facebook have many users as Twitter does and the age range of users are a wide variety. From grade school to elderly, companies can relate and meet people needs through post statements, pictures and messaging. If there something wrong with a product maybe a recall, a company can post this important information on their page and respond to any concerns many may have. On a positive side, companies can post any updates about the company that customers should know. Also a company can post any offers or special events many may be interested in with questions.

Tumblr is a social networking site, created in 2006, on the web that mainly involves the use of multimedia, quotes and short blogs that customers may take an interest in and have questions about. One could answer any questions or respond to any concern/s on the comment sections of the multimedia or as a direct message. Companies could post videos or pictures of a new product they want to introduce to the public and viewers can comment and give feedback before it comes out. Company could have an open discussion with customers to get a wider and a variety of different feedback and suggestions. Tumblr is very interactive and futuristic i feel that is why people are drawn to the site. Every day the background changes i feel that’s very creative. The more people drawn to the website the more interest and questions will need to be answered and business increase as well.

It is very important that companies keep an open line of communication to customers. An open line of communication ensures customers that their cared for and valued. Many customers may be interested in buying from a company but want to know more about a company and need questions answered and there is no line of communication available or there is one but no one responds. When responding to a customer, a company representative has to make sure they are professional and to respond in a matter that it easy to understand and that does not offend anyone. Without customers, there will be no business so we have to make sure all customers questions and concerns are solved and that the customer is happy. People will brag about the service if it is handled the right way.




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